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Fleet Services

A clean fleet always enhances the image of a professional, knowledgeable, confident organization. With over 30 years’ of experience in the pressure washing industry, Mobile Services Pressure Washing understands the importance of a clean vehicle is equal to a tune-up, oil change or new tires. Our reliable, cost-effective service and weekly/biweekly scheduled appointments will keep your fleet clean. Typical fleet vehicles we maintain are the following: 


-Trucking Fleets, Tractors, and Trailers

-Delivery Fleets, Box Trucks, and Delivery   Vehicles


-Heavy Equipment

-Trailer Washouts


Not only do we pressure wash fleet vehicles, but we also provide cleaning of the flat surfaces near or around the fleet. Focusing on flat surfaces like loading docks, parking areas, garages or anywhere vehicles are stored will improve the overall appearance of your facility and help in the maintenance of your fleet. At Mobile Services Pressure Washing, we strive to build strong relationships and to become part of your team.


Retail & Commercial

In the highly competitive business of retail, you have to show your best from the moment a customer walks up to your property. The first impression is a lasting impression. Removing unsightly gum, grease, and hazardous substances from your surfaces is our specialty.

We are proud to serve clients such as:


-Strip Malls/Storefronts

-Gas Station/Fuel Islands

-Drive-Thru Restaurants

-Sit down Restaurants including Patios


-Dumpster Pads


A greasy, dirty dumpster area is not only unsightly but employees or passers-by could be subject to unhealthy conditions. Mobile Service Pressure Washing uses a special blend of degreasers and surface cleaners to effectively clean dumpster areas, grease traps, and building entrances. 

Make the right first impression! The overall appearance of public facilities like restaurants, shops, and banks need consistent pressure washing not only for appearance but also the  safety of all the customers too.



Restore the beauty of your home with a regular pressure wash cleaning. A homeowner takes pride in their home with regular cleaning inside the house while ignoring the outside. Mobile Services Pressure Washing specializes in the cleaning of the exterior dirt, grime, and stains can cause your home to not live up to your standards. Below are some of the areas we specialize in:







-Exterior Buildings


We use our environmentally biodegradable detergents to clean surfaces and will not affect your landscaping, vegetation or harm pets. We come prepared with all items to pressure wash your residence including a self-contained water supply. We offer free estimates and can do so with a short visit or over the phone, and we work around your schedule. Our friendly technicians will clean your property to your satisfaction. Regular pressure washing not only leaves the surfaces clean and pleasing, it will also increase the value of your home.

We have service technicians ready to answer any of your questions. Contact us